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Forty West

  • Forty West provides high-quality services, facilities, high quality finishes, specifications and materials that are first used in residential / multi-purpose projects.

  • This multi-purpose residential complex is located in the heart of Sodic West, this project will include a wide range of retail, commercial and leisure centers, lounges and residential units on an area of over 80,000 square meters around a range of backyards and fields.

  • The complex also includes a network of interconnected gardens, pedestrian and car parks overlooking a large public square it will be built in the south-east of the complex.

  • Forty West is the first multi-purpose residential district launched in 2009 it is a real urban neighborhood with a wide range of world-class hotel apartments, cafes and shops.

  • The neighborhood features by fully equipped apartments designed by award-winning architects machado and silvetti as well as interior spaces designed by eklego egypts.

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