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About Tasweeq

TASWEEQ for real estate is a leading real estate company in the Egyptian market founded by Tarek Fouad Yehia in 2015 after 15 successful years in real estate brokerage business.


Our Mission:

Our mission is to provide our clients with the highest quality of brokerage services available to bring a value-added and highly qualified team of real estate professionals to our clients from the smallest to the largest.



We identify promising opportunities, and cater them to the individual desires of our clientele through a rewarding and pleasurable experience of personalized sales and marketing exercises.



TASWEEQ offers a complete portfolio of real estate services including sales, resales and rental of residential and commercial properties

The team of highly specialized agents offers professional experience and expertise in all areas of real estate.

Residential sales team is made of 6 agents that each specializes in different aspects of sales and rental process to ensure that the client needs are effectively established and met.

Commercial sales team made of 4 agents that sells or rents product by establishing contact and developing relationships with prospects on professional basis.

High lights
  • Certified residential and commercial real estate expert.

  • Extremely proficient at utilizing Internet tools to find clients and properties.

  • Exceptionally strong professional networking expert.

  • Utilizes confidence and abilities to develop a strong network of clients.

  • Believes in finding and seizing opportunities.

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