Elegant Homes For Sale At The Most Natural Space

At The Allegria Compound By Sodic.

 it's philosophy of a happy, integrated neighborhood.

The Allegria is home to a Greg Norman Signature Golf Course, as well as one of Cairo's most exclusive residential communities.


The Allegria has defined the golfing experience in Egypt🌳

The Allegria is a leader for golf in Egypt and has raised the bar for golf in Egypt and has transformed a round of golf into an experience.




Forty West


Forty West is the first multi-purpose residential district in West Town and it is known for its innovative concept. What makes Forty West an innovative neighborhood?

  • Forty West provides high-quality services, facilities, high quality finishes, specifications and materials that are first used in residential / multi-purpose projects.

  • This multi-purpose residential complex is located in the heart of Sodic West, this project will include a wide range of retail, commercial and leisure centers, lounges and residential units on an area of over 80,000 square meters around a range of backyards and fields.

  • The complex also includes a network of interconnected gardens, pedestrian and car parks overlooking a large public square it will be built in the south-east of the complex.

  • Forty West is the first multi-purpose residential district launched in 2009 it is a real urban neighborhood with a wide range of world-class hotel apartments, cafes and shops.

  • The neighborhood features by fully equipped apartments designed by award-winning architects machado and silvetti as well as interior spaces designed by eklego egypts.

What makes this project distinguished from other multi-purpose projects in Cairo?

  • This type of project is characterized by its high quality compared to other multi-purpose projects in the market in addition to that the project includes more than 180 housing units distributed throughout the complex.

  • The residential units vary in type, area and shape. All buildings are surrounded by gardens, backyards and squares, providing a distinct living environment.

  • The first phase units are located along the northern square of the site square, whereas the second phase is located in the southwestern square.

  • The units that located in the northern part overlook the garden paths, the backyards and the pathways that divide the site into small neighborhoods. The ground floor of most residential units has its own gardens, while the upper floor units have large terraces decorated with plants or on large roofs.

  • The houses are organized according to its various spaces, horizontally around gardens, patios and paths and also organized vertically around a range of high-rise gardens and surfaces as it is one of the amenities of the Forte West complex.

According to the recent research conducted by GLL Real Estate Consultancy, the residents of Cairo are currently looking for areas that combine (work, accommodation, shopping and entertainment). How will Forty West will provide them with this?

  • The neighborhood has a great location and is close to the commercial sector, which includes the Polygon Center and the British International School in Cairo, as well as the four Sodic Clubs, all of which are key success factors that have made it a sustainable and integrated project. The multi-purpose project is designed to combine work, accommodation, shopping and entertainment as well as a technical center and a showroom on the north side along the square and the new Sodic sales center on the north-east and the Putin Fourth West Hotel on the east side, as well as many restaurants and shops in the South and West.

  • The square includes many distinctive features as well as the Sculpture Park in the Northwest and a special performance platform containing stands for the people and a range of water areas to cool the air and a large area of plants and palm groves, open-air restaurants and cafes.

  • The arena will become one of the best entertainment and relaxation venues in Sodic West, which will attract residents and surrounding communities.

Badya (Palm Hills)